Higher’s Chef Ronnie Macuja

The heart of Higher Restaurant layes at the shoulders of Multi-award winning chef, Ronnie Macuja. His ability to design combination of tastes is amazing. He is globally competent with over 31 years of international culinary experience and that is something that you dear customers can taste of the plates of Higher Restaurant.

Ronnie’s chef career started at the Manila Hilton International kitchen. They offered him a two-year apprenticeship programme followed by exams which he passed easily. He became a part of the team who won top prizes in culinary competitions against teams from other international hotels. It was no surprise that he was then offered the post of a commis chef at the Hyatt Regency in Auckland, New Zealand. After that he worked as Chef de Cuisine one of the Top of the Auckland’s restaurants.

Since that Chef Ronnie has been delight us with his cuisine talent at Phuket Island. He was also invited to Thailand’s (Western Section) Iron Chef tv-programme in 2012.

Last weekend I had the possibility to try one of his appraised dishes: Open Lasagna of Rock Lobster. As I love Italian food as well as Lobster, that was a match made in heaven to me. The taste and the texture was perfect. I can still remember the fullness of the creamy lasagna and soft garlics on the edges of the plates. The presentation of this dish was also amazing as you can see from the picture.


Besides Chef, Higher has very competent kitchen and restaurant staff. When you enter to the Restaurant, they will ensure that you will be taken good care of our waiter and waitresses. Their main thing is to ensure that you will have a remembered dining experience under the stars of Phuket.